[Defender Pro] An error occurred while updating Defender Pro

the update keep failing, i have checked the folder permissions and changed them to chmod -fvR 755 wp-defender/*
An error occurred while updating Defender Pro: Could not copy file. wp-defender/vendor/php_codesniffer/CodeSniffer/Standards/IncorrectPatternException.php
NOTE: i geofence most non US location if you cannot access the site then please send me your public IP address so i can whitelist your IP

  • Neel Gajjar
    • Staff

    Hi there,
    how are you doing?

    Sorry to hear that you're having an issue with updating Defender Pro.

    NOTE: i geofence most non US location

    This might be the reason why the Defender Pro is not able to update itself. IP address called by the Defender Pro to update itself might be blocked.

    Can you once try updating plugin manually via FTP?

    Please a take a Full Backup before updating Defender Pro manually.

    Now download the latest version of Defender Pro from here :

    1. Unzip the latest version of Defender Pro you just downloaded.
    2. Log in to your host via FTP/sFTP
    3. Now Visit Public_html > Wp-Content > Plugins Folder.
    4. Under plugin folder > Rename existing wp-defender directory to wp-defender-old
    5. Now upload the newer version of Defender Pro which you downloaded under plugin directory.
    6. Login into Wp-Admin and check whether everything is working properly or not.
    7. If everything seems to be fine without any errors. Delete the wp-defender-old directory.

    You can follow this guide for detailed steps on how to update the plugin manually.


    Hope this helps.
    Please feel free to ask more questions if you have any.

    Kind regards,
    Neel Gajjar

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