[Defender Pro] Defender 2.2.2 – nothing but problems

Where to start… Install update to version 2.2.2 – (Turn OFF File Scanning for WordPress Core to stop immediate crash of site while it scans forever or hangs during scan). Select Security Tweaks | view All | We go down the list and enable each suggested tweak. Once we get to “Update old security keys” and click to regenerate; the usual popup saying 10 seconds until you have to log in again. BUT then the 10 seconds no longer “count down” the pop up window goes away and it hangs – does not return to login in. Since we use the Masking of login page option – all attempts to return to login fail with “feature disabled” notice. Eventually after going back to the Masked login page and getting access – we see –
HERE is the stupid part –
All the previous security tweaks we just changed have returned as if we never changed them – AND the “Update old security keys” still shows as if it was not done. Yet the notice shows key is less than one day old – but still suggests to regenerate the key again.
Horribly broken since you updated this plugin.

I hope this helps.