[Defender Pro] Defender conflicting with theme activation

I’ve found a theme conflict with Defender.

I had purchased the Sonaar.io theme for one of my client’s sites. I setup a brand spankin’ new, WP MU /subfolder install to get things rolled out.

Now, i don’t mean to sound pompous, but I’ve activated a theme or two in my day :stuck_out_tongue:
(that just made me laugh so hard. Sorry, but had to share :wink: )

Because I never expected a conflict like this, my immediate assumption was that this was a theme issue. After deactivating/activating my plugins, I eventually found that Defender was the culprit.

**I need to note that although Defender was installed and *only* activated, I hadn’t spent any time configuring any of the security settings. (ie: no security settings active)

After the plugin was deactivated, and when I refreshed the Theme’s activation page, everything worked as exptected. (ie: area to enter theme license and activate was visible)

From my quick testing, the only real difference that I could see was that these 2 external requests weren’t loading when Defender was activated: