[Defender Pro] Defender IP blocking Clustering

I recently added a feature request for Defender to pass up its Ip blocks to Cloudflare. However not all my sites use Cloudflare. One thing I would like however, is that whenever one site blocks an IP, I want ALL my sites to block that IP.

How about using The Hub and having a registry of blocked ips (for my account) that all my (registered) sites could look at and download (on a schedule) so when one site blocks it, they all block it.

Ideally that list would have a link (maybe with an auth token) so I can add it to my firewall as well :slight_smile:

Lastly it may well be worth having a "participate in global security list" button that allows the hub to parse these lists and when an IP hits a defined (at your end) reputation, gets added to a global list that all participating HUB users get to block?