[Defender Pro] Defender keeps on restarting the startup-wizard and detects too many false positives

Hey there,

I have noticed an increase of file-warnings about "suspicious code" on most of my sites. Most warnings seem to address the use of "eval" function, which is being used correctly by good developers such as GeneratePress, MainWP (yes, still waiting for the new Hub 2.0 :wink: ), Pods, Postman-SMTP and few more, whose products I use on many of my wn and my clients sites.

I cannot remember when those false positives started to increase, but it#s getting more, which is just insane. Each time when I check Defender on my sites I find way too many of those (eval related) false positives and the amount of time to evaluate each file is causing a huge overhead for me.

I have granted support-access for you to all of those sites where I have checked the situation recently. Since I want to keep this ticket public, I will notify about the accessable websitenames by naming the first letters, so will easily find them in my list:






and also on the domain named in my profile.

I'm really struggling with handling this and hope you can help me out with this. Thank you and kind regards,