[Defender Pro] Defender Pro blocking incorrect IPs

Hi there,

Recently, a number of our sites started blocking everybody out of the wp-admin area. One of our clients emailed us to let us know he was locked out, and when I went to whitelist his IP, I found that I was locked out as well. I’ve had to deactivate or delete Defender on a few of our sites now, and I’m not sure what’s going on.

The error message is: The administrator has blocked your IP from accessing this website.. I checked the page source, and verified that it’s not a cached page.

Please this thread for more background, as this is a repeat of a similar (or the same) issue plaguing us for the last 8 months. I tried disabling ALL plugins, still blocked. It’s not the theme, either.

I’ve enabled support access on roundhouse-designs.com. Thank you.