[Defender Pro] Defender Pro Creating Repeated "access forbidden by rule" Entries in Erro

Hey WPMUDev. I was doing routine maintenance on my DigitalOcean-hosted sites and found repeated entries in the error log that seem to be coming from Defender Pro:

[error] 8554#8554: *146709 access forbidden by rule, client: {random IP address}, server: {my website's URL}, request: "HEAD /wp-content/uploads/wp-defender/index.php HTTP/1.1", host: "{my website's URL}", referrer: "https://{my website's URL}/wp-content/uploads/wp-defender/index.php"

Also, the number at the beginning after the * increases for each error, and a new entry in the log seems to be added every 3 minutes or so.

There doesn’t seem to be wrong with anything on my website from a user or admin perspective, but I just want to make sure this is taken care of before it becomes a problem, if it is a problem at all (then if it isn’t a problem, find a way to stop these errors from being recorded on the log).