[Defender Pro] Defender Pro not loading after upgrade

Hi. We have recently upgraded our WordPress to version 5.2.4. Our Defender Pro is version 2.2.2. But I am unable to access the Dashboard or any of the Defender Pro pages. I can see the badge highlighting the number of issues I need to rectify, but I am unable to resolve them because I can’t access the Security Tweaks nor the Defender Pro Dashboard.

After I click on Defender Pro from the left-hand side menu, I can see the status bar (Waiting… Establishing connection etc) but after it stops, nothing is loaded in the main content window (right-hand side).

I tried to deactivate Defender Pro from Plugins and deleted the files (via Plugins). I reinstalled Defender Pro again (via Plugins) but this issue still persists.

Other actions I attempted but did not help:
– Logged in as a different user.
– Cleared browser cache and logged into WordPress in Incognito.

I am using Chrome version 77.0.3865 on Mac 10.13.6.
I have other sites using Defender Pro with no issues loading.