[Defender Pro] Error in Defender

Hey guys,

I appreciate that you guys have relegated some plugins to github but you did mention that you would still be providing security patches to them.

I got an error from Defender regarding your Custompress plugin.

"We've identified some code in export.php that could be a potential security weakness. We recommend you take a look to be sure everything is OK and contact your developer if you need help fixing the issue. Sometimes these checks are false positives, so if you know the code is harmless you can ignore this warning. Alternately you can choose delete this file, but be sure to perform a backup and double-check the file isn't required by a plugin or theme to run correctly.

File Location: /home/myhematology/public_html/wp-content/plugins/custompress/ui-admin/export.php

The function eval called at line 9 column 2, which should be avoided whenever possible."