Defender Pro giving alert to harmless files.

In my website, File Scanning is showing up 1290 files not part of WordPress core. This doesn't seem right as there are only a few files outside the core and all of them are harmless.
Not sure why it is flagging these up incorrectly. Can you help to explain this? My clients keep complaining that so many security issues are being reported. Please check and help.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Jerome,

    When using WordPress all of the files that are different from the clean installation are usually stored in the wp-content folder and the rest of them are untouched.
    So Defender scan is scanning the content of those folders that stay unchanged and compares it with original WP structure, if there are differences then those will be reported by the scan.

    Non-default files and folders inside WP default installation could mean that there are malicious files added to your site and they should be checked and added to ignored lists after confirming that they are safe.

    Best regards,

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