Defender problems

Hi all,

We have been starting to use Defender recently and have encountered a few issues I would like to raise in hope they can be resolved in future versions. Most of the problems we have been having all evolve around the scan feature, they are:

Scan will not complete
With 3 seperate installations we have had an issue where the scan will not function correctly, to fix this we have followed the following steps from this ticket:

Suspicious functions found
It seems that defender doesn't like WP-Client or ManageWP, these are both services we use with our websites and defender is flagging files from both companies as Suspicious (In WP-Clients case their are over 50 instances).

As we know the software from both companies is fine, we have ignored the warnings but almost every website we get the ManageWP file flagged. Is there something that can be done about these?

Below I've attached an example of some of the file names i'm talking about.