defender saying site is clean but getting warning message

The defender plugin is saying that a site;s domain is clean but when I go to the site in chrome i'm getting a huge warning. the url is:

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Corn,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I'm not sure about all the methods Google is using to consider a site secure or not. The Defender plugin is scanning your site's files against known vulnerabilities and some potentially malicious code patterns.

    Chrome browser gives me a warning here and since I'm using it to access member's sites I didn't risk ignoring it. While checked on my other box (Firefox on Linux) the site loaded fine - no warning, no errors, pretty quick actually.

    I run the domain then via blacklisting scan and it confirmed that the domain is blacklisted on following lists: (it's a "reverse blacklist" so the site should be white listed there) (the same as above) (the same as above) (the same as above) (the same as above) (blacklisted - not a domain but a server) (blacklisted - false positive)

    This leads me to the point that it's either some threat that Defender wasn't able to detect (sadly, it is possible as no security solution is 100% efficient!) or it's not about this particular site but another site on the same server.

    The latter one is probable if your site is hosted on so called "shared hosting". Most regular hosting accounts that are not VPS or dedicated server are "shared hosting" accounts. That means that the same IP is used for different site that not necessarily are controlled by the same owner/admin (they may belong to completely unrelated host customers) and as a result one "malicious" site on a server may affect all other.

    My advice on this would be:

    - manually check the site against any malicious codes (in addition to Defender scan)
    - get in touch with hosting provider to inform them about this and require them to check server logs and other sites/accounts hosted on the same server

    Then, if you're absolutely sure that he site is clean, request Google (via Google Webmaster Console) to review it and remove this warning.

    Best regards,

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