Defender & Smush: why does defender find smush optimizations?

So I actively use Smush & Defender. I can understand why it is, when you use directory smush, that it's going to create .bak files of anything that's been updated. What I can't understand is if these two plugins are supposed to play nicely with each other, why can't defender either automatically ignore changes (mostly in the WP core) made by smush or not flag them at all?

Auto-Ignore would be a nice feature because you could always go back and restore any core files if you needed to.

I can easily see a downside if it simply ignored core WP files that were changed, but it's rather annoying to have all of these change results listed after a defender scan. Especially since I receive like a zillion defender emails as it is. I don't need to know about potential threats created when smush optimizes files and then defender finds rogue files or files that don't match the original.

thoughts? anyone else have this dilemma?