[Defender] Two Factor Authentication Features

Firstly, the Google Authenticator setup could be improved. A big issue is it only shows the QR code. What if people are setting this up on the device they use Google Authenticator on? There should be, and Google recommends, you add a manual entry button that will show the key that is required to manually add it to Google Authenticator.

Also, you may want to inform people that you can scan that code with most 2FA apps, including <a href="https://authy.com/blog/authy-vs-google-authenticator/l">Authy</a> and <a href="https://guide.duo.com/third-party-accounts">Duo</a>. You can show this by changing Step 1 to say it works in most 2FA apps.

Then, it would be nice to add to the roadmap proper integration with other 2FA apps, like Authy (via Twilio) and Duo. And 2FA by email, phone and text; either included or via integration with <a href="https://www.twilio.com/use-cases/two-factor-authentication">Twilio</a>. Twilio integration would be great as it would allow more control like custom phone numbers to ensure it is local to the users country.

Thank you!