Defender Whitelabel Suggestion

The notification report send by defender shows marketing icons for other plugins with links back to wpmudev. Also shows your logo and address for incsub. Can we have an option to whitelabel that too?

  • John Reddy
    • New Recruit

    Why? All it needs is for you to change the report template. Thats where the logo and the other links are? I was able to replace the logo with ours, so that was easy. The incsub address is also hard coded and it simply needs to be removed. This is not a feature request. When you advertize it is white label, then thats exactly what it means. You cannot have the logo replaced in the dashboard in WP, but all reports, communications related to the plugin shamelessly has your marketing info. Then don't say it is white label as that is not.

    • Nithin
      • Support Wizard

      Hi John Reddy,

      We do understand you regarding, this is something which I have already brought into our team's attention and are discussing internally regarding improving the workflow in the plugin side so that an out of the box settings are available without filtering manually via wp_mail hooks.

      Sorry for any inconvenience if the current workflow doesn't help much regarding this. Will be checking further with our team on this.

      Kind Regards,

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