Defer Parsing of JavaScript in Upfront

Does Hummingbird Defer Parsing of JavaScript built in? When I run my website through GtMetrix, it say the following:

1.9MiB of JavaScript is parsed during initial page load. Defer parsing JavaScript to reduce blocking of page rendering. (1.0MiB) (169.4KiB) (144.7KiB) (141.9KiB) (113.3KiB) (97.0KiB) (95.6KiB) (80.3KiB) (29.0KiB) (16.5KiB of inline JavaScript) (12.6KiB) (3.4KiB) (2.7KiB) (1.9KiB of inline JavaScript)

How can I fix these issues? Alex told me in Live Support to check out this link:

But, I have no clue what scripts to look at for the files listed.