Defining the how the featured image looks in BPFun

I'm trying to define how the featured image from an article looks on the front page of BP Fun. I've tried editing the thumbnail but that seems to have no effect. And it just seems to grab the middle of any given picture and make that the featured article image. Is there anyway to change how the featured image gets cropped for the front page.

Sorry if this has been done a few times, I did a search and can't find anything...


  • Mason
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    Hiya Kip!

    The featured image here is hard-coded into the theme - but don't let that stop you! ;D

    In you bp-fun folder open the file main-entry.php. Look for custom_get_post_img on line 9. Right now the size is set to "full" and the height is "250". This means it pulls in the full image and crops it to a 250px height. Try changing full to "medium" and see if that helps, you can also change the height to another pixel dimension but be careful as this may have undesired effects on the rest of the theme layout.

    If you need further help on this, just let us know! :smiley:


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