Definitely my WPMU year!

Hi all,

I'd just like to take a moment to share my appreciation and gratitude with everyone who makes this community what it is, both staff and members.

Back in March, I took advantage of some vacation time and set myself to earn my lifetime membership at WPMUdev. I reached that goal thanks to the contributions I was able to make, and the points gifted by those in this community who appreciated them.

During that time, WPMUdev was looking for some new full-time staffers, and some kind folks here encouraged me to apply for a position. Not that the idea wasn't appealing, but I already have full-time employment that I find both rewarding and personally enriching. It was tempting, but I knew that I wouldn't have been able to invest the required amount of time.

Recently however, I received an invitation to apply as a part-time contributor to Having submitted the required number of posts for publication, I received notification today that I have earned my spurs and am now part of the blogging team. Yippee!

This comes at a very serendipitous time as I am taking another 2 weeks vacation in the country starting this weekend. So, once again, I will be hard at work making what contributions I may, in the hopes that they may serve to further enrich this community.

For those interested, my author page is here:
If you find a post you enjoy, or that you find useful, feel free to play around with the little "Like + Tweet" thingamajig.

Once again, my thanks to all who have given me their encouragement and... wish me well!