Definitive Answer on ProSites Pricing Table Mess?

Is there some sort of resolution, or at least a guide, on how best to have better pricing tables for the Pro-Sites plugin? There are a plethora of issues, from it not being responsive, no description handling for each package, it's ugly, etc. I've spent an hour reading topics about the pricing tables, and this is what I've found:

Option 1. Rewrite the plugin file - don't want to do that, doesn't make sense. That's the whole point of WPMUDEV, to have these things handled. Besides...

Option 2. Staff members have suggested purchasing this from a 3rd party: - which costs $20. Not a big deal, but I don't want to waste the time setting that up when Aaron etc. have been talking about v3.5 for over a year. Why purchase the plugin, or spend time rewriting it when it'll be released soon. But, how long is soon? With no ETA given, folks have been waiting for nearly a year and a half for this. This thread has been asking for updates since March of 2014.

Option 3: Do css/jquery changes. The most time-consuming option. But, maybe someone's done it before and there's a walkthrough! But, it's not a walkthrough at all. In fact, it looks rather cryptic and it ends with the OP stuck waiting for a solution (since 2014).

There's also lots of links to this: - which of course must be some phantom topic that no longer exists.

I know it sounds like I'm whining by calling this ordeal a mess, and I kind of am; but, I'm very grateful for the Pro-Sites plugin. I guess I just really want guidance as to what I should be doing: waiting for Pro Sites 3.5 or going down one of the other roads?