Delay on login after registration

This one seems rather weird to me.

I'm using Multi site with BP and Memberships.

Up until yesterday this problem didn't exist.

Yesterday I installed Batch create and tried to add 1000 members to my site. The process crashed at around 750. I cleared the queue then reloaded the file with the full 1000. It told me there were 1000 in the queue, even though it had already uploaded 750 and they were visible in user manager.
Being foolish I clicked process.
It looked as though it was uploading, then froze again after a few minutes. New registration confirmations came though the system via email, but no additional members were added?

Here's the kicker. Now when a new member registers, selects a membership level, then tries to login, there's a 5 minute delay before they can actually login ??!!

Just so I'm clear - a new user clicks on register, enters details, successfully taken to the 'select a plan' page, selects a Free membership, then receives a confirmation that they have successfully created a Free membership account and they are ready to login. But if they try to login right away, it just shoves them back to the home page without logging them in. If they try again, same thing....once 5 minutes has elapsed they can login?

I've gone through various scenarios, and it seems they must wait at least 5 minutes....not 4, but 5, before they can actually login.

However.....if there is ANY activity in the admin of the site, they can login straight away!!!
Let me be clear!
A new user registers and cannot login unless they wait at least 5 minutes. But if during that 5 minutes, admin even so much as navigates to another section in the admin panel, it allows them to login!!
I know how strange this sounds as I'm typing it, but I've tested it every which way. (yes I've cleared cookies, my admin and user screens are in different browsers safari/firefox, and, this wasn't an issue 24 hrs ago)

You can see this in action at - if it lets you login before 5 minutes it could be 'cos I'm working inside admin!

To try and affect a workaround, I added the script to the theme functions.php that supposedly has people auto-login after registration. I was trying to be crafty but it doesn't work. They must still wait 5 minutes before they can login.

Any ideas? - if I've somehow corrupted my user table with the batch upload utility, how can I fix that?

I have CPanel with PHPmyAdmin but know nothing about administering SQL. - I clicked the 'repair database' function in CPanel, but that did nothing. I also looked at the 'repair membership' and all the member tables show 'ok'.

Lastly, I would still appreciate knowing how to change the default gateway when users register, from 'admin', to 'PayPal express subscriptions'.....that's another thread that has so far gone unanswered (disappointingly).



  • Philip John


    The 5 minute delays sounds like Membership processing new registrations. I.e. it does it every 5 minutes using wp-cron or each time an admin accesses the system. Not weird at all :slight_smile:

    Let me get this clear though: you say the 5 minute delay only happened after importing all those users using batch create?

    In that case, are you assigning those batch imported users to a subscription/level?

    If so, that would explain why there is a delay - Membership batch processes new subscribers every 5 minutes (or so it seems) and so it has to get through 750 before getting to the new member using the registration form.


  • rooze

    Ah ha....perfectly clear now, thanks Phil!

    The new users I batch imported were set to subscriber.

    Yes the delay only appeared after I did the 'large' batch import where my member count went from around 100 to 990 or so....

    During setup and testing of the new site I've registered maybe 30 'fake' accounts just for testing purposes and never had to wait to login, it was always instant.

    I've added some text on the signup confirmation message saying...'please wait 5 mins until your new account is activated'....Unless there's another option I'll just leave it at that.

    Though it would be great if users were auto logged in, but it sounds like that wouldn't be an option if it's an inherent processing delay in the system


  • Philip John

    Though it would be great if users were auto logged in, but it sounds like that wouldn't be an option if it's an inherent processing delay in the system

    Yep, correct - you'd still get the failed login.

    This is basically down to the way Membership needs to constantly check through members to make sure their on the same level. It does this in batches so there is always a queue, which new users are added to.


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