Delayed Capture and CIM Integration with MarketPress

I have just started charging credit cards through aim via MarketPress. In my business, because most orders are to be shipped in the future I require a delayed capture and Customer Integration Managment (CIM) with I just found out that I require integration of this into MarketPress. Do you know if this is possible with some 3rd party help, or is it best for me to find a processor that MarketPress supports that already offers that function.
Do you know of a merchant service that works out of the box with MarketPress that a capture can be delayed and charged later (referring back to customer information even months after the order was placed). I've been told from that the delayed capture functionality has to come from the shopping cart. I am willing to change merchant services to match one that works with MarketPress or I am willing to hire a 3rd party to integrate cim with MarketPress. what would you suggest?