Delete A User But User's Sites Remain

Has anyone experienced where you try to delete a user, and then you got to a page said remove all user posts and blogs, and you said yes to that, and confirmed to delete that user. Then you check his or her sites, and still see his or her sites up and running without being deleted! Is this a buddypress bug? If it is then I or someone has to report this, if it's not, then I may be misunderstand how delete a user should behave! Although I expected to see when super-admin confirmed to delete all user's blogs and posts on the step after click on delete a user from user's list, super-admin should not have to go back into the sites, figuring out which sites belong to a deleted user (obviously sites without users won't have username listed) to delete the sites. It's more cumbersome the way it's working as now!

Using buddypress 1.2.5, wordpress 3.0, multidb 3.0, latest apache, latest php, latest of plugins of everything else!