Delete MarketPress Orders / Checkout Process


Continuing to test MarketPress and noticed a couple things and couldn't find an answer for it yet.

1. While going through the Checkout process is there any way you can go back to a previous step? All I see is Continue Checkout as an option?

2. Once an order is completed, is there any way to delete that order? Because I'm doing testing, I don't want those test orders showing since they are fake but can't find the option to delete them?

Thank you!

  • DavidM

    Hi jacorre,

    There's not a button for it currently, but you can go back a step in the Checkout process by pressing the Back button on your browser.

    Also, there's not a way to delete orders except for maybe doing so through the database itself, as mentioned in the following thread:

    I believe that's at least partly for reasons of stability, as orders typically hold crucial transaction data. Though we'll gladly look at a feature suggestion on that if you have any specific ideas.


  • jacorre

    In other plugins, they do provide a back button within the process but I did see that using the browser's back button works as well. Guess that's ok.

    With deleting orders, I can see why we wouldn't want to do that easily. But since testing is a crucial part of the setup process and there could be multiple test orders, it would be nice to start fresh again without having to do this through the back end.

    Since an order can have various statuses, what if a new status of "Test" is introduced. Only orders in "Test" status are allowed to be deleted.

    Or if we don't want to introduce a new status, then I would think the status of "Closed" would mean that the order is no longer needed and can be deleted.

    If there are concerns with needing to see this information later in the future, then possibly having a way of downloading a pdf report of all your orders before deleting any would cover your you know what! That way even if the order is deleted, you at least have a hard copy of the order information and can turn to it in the event it's needed later on.

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