Deleted a user from WP user interface not removed from members in Protect Content


I got some problems with the syncronization from WP users and members.
A newly registered member is not correctly added to the member list (I had to add it manually). Otherwise if I delete a user from WP users interface it is not deleted from the members list.
Now I have a "ghost" member that I cannot remove

Any help?



  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Carlo, hope you're doing well today! :slight_smile:

    Have you already checked to see if there's a conflict taking place here? We've got a handy troubleshooting flowchart that you can follow at the bottom of our Getting Support page:

    I just tried registering for a subscription on my test site, and I was successfully registered. I also tried removing a user from Users -> All Users inside the dashboard, and it removed the user from the Members area inside of Protected Content.

    Please advise,

  • Carlo

    I've disabled all the plugins that works with users and reverted to a standard theme (twenty fourteen). But I subscribe a membership the user is not added to the member list.

    I will try to restore the site and re-install the plugin 'cause is a test site....but I'm worried when I have to deploy this plugin to the production site. So there is a way to analyze the problem and figuring out what happens?



  • Carlo

    Hi Ash

    I've restored the site (so I have already installed the plugins and theme) and I have disabled all the plugins working with users.
    The problem is that when I create a new user USER-B it is well added to the WP users and Buddypress extended profile.
    Then I make a subscription to a plan (i.e. PLAN-B) using the sandbox of Paypal.
    What happens is that after a 2-3 minutes the user get the subscription in his profile (he can see that in the Account page) but he can't access to the protected stuff.

    In the admin console I can see in the member list of Protected Content something like this:

    All (0)
    PLAN-A (0)
    PLAN-B (1)
    PLAN-C (0)

    and no users listed in the list.

    If I manually add the user USER-B to members (using the "Add user to members" button) the situation change like this:

    All (1)
    PLAN-A (0)
    PLAN-B (1)
    PLAN-C (0)

    and USER-B is correctly listed in the member list.
    After that the USER-B account works fine with normal access to the protected content authorized for PLAN-B

    Any idea?

  • Carlo


    I've made some more analysis and found that could be something regarding the payment/billing process.

    If a user subscribe to a plan and pay for it I got the problem explained in my previous post.

    Now if instead to add manually the user to the member list I go to the bills list I can see the user's bill already marked as payed.

    655 carlo-ea ceoVISION paid 60 2014-11-06 paypal_standard

    Well if I edit it and save again (without any change to it) A new bill is created in "billed" status, the gateway will change to admin (for both)

    658 carlo-ea ceoVISION billed 60 2014-11-07 admin
    655 carlo-ea ceoVISION paid 60 2014-11-06 admin

    and the user is correctly added to the member list and works fine with the protected content.

    I hope this help



  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Carlo, thanks for your patience here! :slight_smile:

    First off, could you try updating to the latest version of Protected Content, just to see if that makes a difference here?

    The problem is that when I create a new user USER-B it is well added to the WP users and Buddypress extended profile.

    Are you adding this user from inside the Dashboard?

    Then I make a subscription to a plan (i.e. PLAN-B) using the sandbox of Paypal.

    Are you adding the subscription to the user manually, from inside the dashboard? That's not usually a good idea, it's best to have the user to do it himself via the registration process on the front end.

    Could you enable Support Access to your site, so that I can have a closer look at what's going on here? :slight_smile:

    Please advise,

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Carlo,

    In regards to the payment issue, I noticed there were two new entries there today:

    671 carlo-libero cioVISION billed 90 2015-11-08 paypal_standard
    668 carlo-libero cioVISION paid 90 2014-11-08 paypal_standard

    Was this a successful test with that user, or was that the one you tested with today?

    Also, I noticed that you're using Sandbox mode presently, have you tried this in Live mode yet, just to be sure whether or not that works?

    (you could try creating a temporary subscription that only costs $1 [or the equivalent])

    It seems like we may need to do some deeper troubleshooting with this (perhaps even call in our second level support staff), could you please send in the following information:

    - In the subject field add "Attn: Michael Bissett”
    - Link back to this thread
    - Include WordPress admin access details
    - Include FTP log-in details
    - Include cPanel details (need database access, so phpMyAdmin or equivalent; this one will be particularly helpful in regards to that "phantom" user)
    - Include any relevant URLs for your site

    On the contact form, select "I have a different question", this ensures it comes through and gets assigned to me.

    Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

  • Carlo

    The IPN history seems to be ok, there are some IPN message failed but I think they are from different tests I have made to try if there is some issue with them related to the issue with Protected Content.
    Here are a list go messages sent in date 6 and 8 Nov. (last tests I have made and described in this post):

    08/11/2014 23:33 CET 2WH685414B0580834 Invio avvenuto
    08/11/2014 23:33 CET 9PP66654Y7475474A Invio avvenuto 3S296975K34955928
    06/11/2014 11:03 CET 80R72772KK599543C Invio avvenuto 93162280HX8769253
    06/11/2014 11:03 CET 5S107346L90923622 Invio avvenuto
    06/11/2014 11:02 CET 3D0841243A4961828 Invio avvenuto
    06/11/2014 10:53 CET 8MW64783RA3576044 Invio avvenuto 78K49972HG082643T
    06/11/2014 10:53 CET 50D735897X4254719 Invio avvenuto
    06/11/2014 10:41 CET 3CS0098533684283D Invio avvenuto 8LN515302M017740T
    06/11/2014 10:40 CET 01G17381WY3577106 Invio avvenuto
    06/11/2014 10:11 CET 87U42996YE301402F Invio avvenuto
    06/11/2014 10:01 CET 4FV590989K283511D Invio avvenuto 37L025101M357191C
    06/11/2014 09:55 CET 425060091K335240W Invio avvenuto 0B4075792L304890T
    05/11/2014 17:43 CET 96C68853H3853624P Invio avvenuto

    Whew "Invio avvenuto" means "Correctly sent"

    I hope this help,



    If it can help you I can let you access to my sandbox paypal account.

  • Carlo

    Hi @Ash,

    I have to use the BP registration page 'cause I have some extra fields to get during the registration process.

    I0've tried to remove the registration page link in the PC configuration but the register page link cannot be left blank.

    So I've made 2 more tests:

    1) removed the PC register page. Nothing changes

    2) changed the PC configuration so I made PC register page the same of BP register. Still nothing changed.

    I have updated to PC version

    Thank you for you help



  • Philipp Stracker

    Hi Carlo,

    we have had a look at your site and created two demo users.
    It looks like the PayPal gateway is not recognized by the Protected Content plugin, so the registration is created but sticks in the status "Payment pending..."

    Investigating the payment process will take a bit longer, but for the small release today we could add a new filter in the Members area that shows users that have pending payments. Also the "All" filter actually has a wrong name and was renamed to "Active" (it only shows active memberships). This small update will be released today.

    We'll possibly release another update next week when we have investigated and fixed the PayPal payment gateway.

    Thanks for the detailed report and giving us Support Access, this really helped!

  • Carlo

    Hi Philipp,

    thank you very much for your feedback.

    I'm sorry but seems that the new filter showing the pending users doesn't work very well 'cause it shows me some pending users but doesn't show the list of the users name.

    I got the problem regarding the paypal issue, I've tried using a Stripe account and it works fine with my configuration. The real problem (not your problem :wink: ) is that in Italy we still can't use Stripe...they are in test mode since last Agoust :slight_frown:

    Thank you very much for your (and your colleagues) hard work and I hope to get the solution ASAP 'cause I have to go live with my site.



  • Philipp Stracker

    Hi Carlo,

    I have just spent several hours testing the two PayPal payment gateways.
    Actually I could not find a real bug in either of the payment gateways:

    - PayPal Standard: You need to have a Business Account in order for this payment method. Please check your PayPal Account-type; A buyers account will not work here...

    - PayPal Single: This was working smoother in my tests as it did also work with a normal buyers account. Maybe you want to try this gateway as an alternative to the standard gateway.

    Important note on the Sandbox mode

    When you use the Sandbox mode then you will need to create a Sandbox account first!
    Example: Your live PayPal account is "". This will work only for the "Live" mode
    In order to use the "Sandbox" mode you first have to create a sandbox account (you can also name the sandbox account "", but you explicitely need to register that sandbox-account)
    You can manage/create your Sandbox Accounts here:


    About the issue with the "pending" view in the members list: Can you send a screenshot of this (or grant Support Access again) so we can better debug this? I tried to reproduce this issue but the members list was always displaying all details correctly for me...

    I hope the Info about the PayPal gateways helps you to solve your issues!
    Otherwise let us know what you try (single/standard gateway, sandbox/live mode, buyer/business PayPal account, ..., it will also help to know the email address that you set up in the payment settings - or again: Support Access will let us check this ourselfs if you prefer)

    Thanks, Philipp

  • Ash

    Hello @Carlo

    Rather than enabling support access please send your admin login and ftp login to Philipp. Also send a screenshot as he mentioned.

    To send him details, please use our contact form:

    Select: I have a different question
    Subject: Attn-Philipp
    Details: Send all required details (admin info and/or ftp details) with a link of this thread, so that he can track.
    Also post a note here once you send the info.


  • Philipp Stracker

    Hi Carlo,

    I could make a successful test-transfer to your sandbox account from my WordPress installations.
    However, on your installation I had troubles to complete the registration process due to a bug I have discovered (registration would not complete)
    The bug is fixed in the next update today -
    So please update to that version and test again if you can make the test payment. If not then let us know and I will check again!

    Thanks, Philipp

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