Deleted username & email addresses still exists

Hello, If I delete a site through the site admin and then log out and try to create a site again with that username it says that the username exists.

Current Multisite, Product theme

  • Sue

    Hi sdominique, I'm assuming that you mean deleted the site in Tools > Delete Site in the Site Admin dashboard? Sorry to check but with the terminology change in the past few versions of WordPress it is safer to confirm.

    If so, deleting a site using this method doesn't delete the username and so won't free up that email address. It will still be attached to that username. It is only when you delete it via the Network admin dashboard that it deletes a username.

    On Edublogs, if it is a user wanting to create a new site when they've deleted a site, we'll normally encourage them to either create the new site attached to their existing username, change the display name of their existing username or release the email address attached to that username so they can create their preferred username -

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