Deleting Events From Front End


We are using Events+, and I was wondering if there is a feature that allows users to delete events from the front end only.

Most of our users are not very tech-savvy, so we don't want them in the WP backend.

I found an old post from May 2012 regarding this situation and was wondering if there is any update on how we could go about handling deleting events if the event is no longer taking place.

Thank you!!

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Karen,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    If you want users to be able to cancel their Events from the frontend then you will want to navigate to:

    Events+ > Settings.

    Activate the following add-ons:

    Front-end page editor: The interface for editing events from the frontend.

    Capabilities: Allows you to give capabilities to different users roles, so if you want your subscriber role users to be able to post/edit events. In order to cancel them they need to be able to edit published events.

    Event Cancellation: This allows you to cancel and at the same time send out an email to everyone who was rsvp'd to let them know. This does NOT take it out of your frontend listing, it just places a "This event is cancelled" title on it.

    In order to remove an event so no visitors can see it you need to mark the status as "Expired". This removes it from the frontend and then you can delete it from the backend if you like.

    **Note: Just setting the event as "expired" doesn't send out the email to notify the rsvp'd users, you would need to click the "cancel event" button first, then change the status.

    Hope this helps Karen! Let us know if you need any further assistance here :slight_smile:


    PS. As you can see in the add-ons screenshot there are add-ons to expire past events too, to automatically remove past events.

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