Deleting students doesnt delete their db entries.....and so many more bugs.....

I bought the plugin today, and i am really disappointed with it. I am sorry to say it but this is still beta. It should not be released yet. After 2 hours of playing with it i got these bugs:

1) I registered with my admin account on a Free course i set up. I wanted to clear my records and try again after some changes i i went to 'students', removed the student but when i enrolled again for the course all my previous data were still there. So basically it didnt erase all the entries from the database. I had to manually go to 'wp_postmeta' and delete the records myself.

2) I enrolled with a fake user to the same course. I completed all the units and in the end it says :
4 of 7 mandatory elements completed.
Unit 1 was only a text and a PDF....does it count those as 'Questions' as well ?!?

3) There is no certificate....(false claims in the advertisement of the plugin....thats another story)

4) I cant withdraw from the course with my fake student. The popup appears i press OK and nothing happens.

5) Courses that have non-english characters for Titles or Unit names mess up the "Submit different answer" button. When i press it the page redirects to: http://{}/courses/---/units/-1/page/4/ (notice the course name....its all gone)

6) Reports (PDFs) dont support non-english characters...they all appear with ??????????? (question marks)

7) Under the courses' questions there is a navigation bar (1,2,3,4....). I cant click the buttons to go to previous pages. (probably due to the non english titles that the units have)

  • Vaughan

    Hi Sandbird,

    Hope you're well?

    #1 This isn't a bug, it is by design, however I will ask the developer to see if we can add an option for this in a future release.

    #2 This is a known issue and is being looked into, yes all elements on the units actually count in the total.

    #3 It doesn't actually say that CP actually creates the certificates, it actually means that you could create the certificates yourself, however I can see your confusion there & will ask to see if we can change that text, this has actually been requested though many times and the developers are going to add a feature in time once it's complete so that the plugin can create the certificates without the need of a 3rd party certificate maker.

    #4 This is a known bug and has been fixed in the upcoming release.

    #5, #6 & #7 I can confirm on my own site & have marked these as bugs for the developer to look into.

    Sorry for the issues, we will get these looked into quickly.

    Hope this helps

  • Sandbird

    Hello again,
    That's the problem though you see...How am i going to explain all this to my customer ? I asked them for the money to buy the plugin, which ofc they are not going to continue paying for every get the updates with the fixes.
    You advertise a certificate which is nowhere to be found, and in 2 hours i've found 7 breaking bugs which now i have to 'sell' to my customer...
    In the demo version you have nicely separated the texts, breakers etc(grey color) from the question modules (blue color), making people think there is an actual separation between questions and material notes (problem #2), which means now i cant have any hidden material for the courses to be shown only when the person buys the course.
    So basically i cant use the plugin at all....The sole purpose of our website are the courses...(which ofc we had no problem buying, for what 'it advertises') and now i am left with nothing to show for at the end of the month....besides a 19$ purchase..
    You can understand my predicament.
    I was really excited about this project. Even contributed an 8% translation for the language files, which i was planning to continue....
    ...and now i dont know. I am stumped. I've never been in so much trouble before.

  • Sandbird

    So basically my only option here is to wait to use something that i bought and its not working as advertised.
    Oh and also upgrade my membership to download another plugin that will redirect the user to download the required material that he/she should be able to download once he bought the course from the 1st plugin.

    I will try and explain this to the academics. Why wouldn't they understand....

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Sandbird,

    Could you explain a bit more about the materials you want to protect and how you want that to work? I'm sure there's a free plugin I can recommend if I knew more about the specific use case. :slight_smile:

    With the bugs, we're working to get those solved as quickly as possible, unfortunately there isn't a "quick patch", they are bugs which need debugging, fixing and then testing before release.


    Kind Regards

  • Sandbird

    Well the courses are 'private'. Once the payment is done, the user enters the course and in the introduction text there are some PDFs (material for the questions). The user has to download them, read them and then proceed to the questions and answer them.
    The material shouldnt be accessible without paying first for the course.

    I know what you mean about the whole coding process. I am a programmer myself. I've done something similar like the custom PDF creation through PHP....and i know UTF8 characters and text alignments can be hard. The problem is that i am not so familiar with Wordpress coding and it will take me forever to figure things out, to do it myself. I just dont have enough time till the end of the month.
    I'll get in touch with my client today...but from the looks of it i'll lose this job.

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