deletion routines for embedded images after removed and page saved

With a previous version of the theme, it was using non-wordpress resizing and cropping techniques making it incompatible with external media plugins (i.e. using with s3)

Looks like that has been fixed, bravo!

However, maybe seeing a hole. Noticing that when I remove an embedded image (via the red x button) and then click save (which will have been renamed and seized with new dimensions outside the standard wp thumbnails) noticing it still says on the there a method in place that deletes the image...or perhaps that was forgotten and a bug?


  • Ben

    1. use the spirit theme
    2. embed a image in the page using the front end upfront editor
    3. resize the image in the front end editor on the page
    4. save the changes in the front end editor.
    5. view the page in live mode and copy the image path of the embedded image. It will be a newly created image by the theme. save that path somewhere
    6. go back to the front end editor mode
    7. Go to the image and remove it from the page
    8. click save changes

    check to see if image still exists via the path you just saved in step 5. Would be nice if the image were deleted at this point in time by theme.

    9. Go to your media library, delete the related image from the originally inserted image.

    check again to see if the image exists via the path you just saved in step 5.

    If it does, then ass somebody uses this front end editor, they are going to have a bunch of images filling up the server that will never be deleted.

    Let me know what you find.


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