Denmark is missing in Paypal setup page in plugin settings


Im using your plugins on a danish website, but denmark is missing on the list of paypal sites. So for know i can use UK with english, but would be nice this could be in danish.

Best Regards,

  • aristath

    Hello again @Mikkel,
    Try this:
    On the pro-sites-files/gateways/gateway-paypal-express-pro.php file, lines 64-91 you will see an array of all the valid languages there.
    Just try adding this in that list:
    'DK' => 'Denmark',
    So the array would look something like this:

    $locales = array(
    					'AR'	=> 'Argentina',
    					'AU'	=> 'Australia',
    					'AT'	=> 'Austria',
    					'BE'	=> 'Belgium',
    					'BR'	=> 'Brazil',
    					'CA'	=> 'Canada',
    					'CN'	=> 'China',
    					'DK'	=> 'Denmark',
    					'FI'	=> 'Finland',
    					'FR'	=> 'France',
    					'DE'	=> 'Germany',
    					'HK'	=> 'Hong Kong',
    					'IL'	=> 'Israel',
    					'IT'	=> 'Italy',
    					'JP'	=> 'Japan',
    					'MX'	=> 'Mexico',
    					'NL'	=> 'Netherlands',
    					'NZ'	=> 'New Zealand',
    					'PL'	=> 'Poland',
    					'SG'	=> 'Singapore',
    					'ES'	=> 'Spain',
    					'SE'	=> 'Sweden',
    					'CH'	=> 'Switzerland',
    					'TR' 	=> 'Turkey',
    					'GB'	=> 'United Kingdom',
    					'US'	=> 'United States'

    Let me knos if that works!