Deploying them to multisite frontpage

I want to say a big thank you to WPMU staff for all the integration and pro support rendered to my little medical community site. My small community medical site has been approved to go live and after some research and advised cum the app features on the site (webinar, LMS, Networking, Newsblog,user management, membership etc) I decided to go multisite. Jeez! Hope I'm not wrong b'cos the site is needed to be up on or before 5th jan...jeez! Now I have some Questions;

1. How can I make/deploy/transfer the frontpage ie look like the one on

2. How can I maintain or achieve all the tweaks WPMU staff helped to integrate? The tweak is the modal login using userpro

What I really want to achieve is to make the live site (multisite home) look exactly like the one in our test server with the login and content in place. How can you help me achieve this?

Thank you very much and I now know what it means to use WordPress...great and pro support.