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I want to say a big thank you to WPMU staff for all the integration and pro support rendered to my little medical community site. My small community medical site has been approved to go live and after some research and advised cum the app features on the site (webinar, LMS, Networking, Newsblog,user management, membership etc) I decided to go multisite. Jeez! Hope I’m not wrong b’cos the site is needed to be up on or before 5th jan…jeez! Now I have some Questions;

1. How can I make/deploy/transfer the frontpage ie look like the one on

2. How can I maintain or achieve all the tweaks WPMU staff helped to integrate? The tweak is the modal login using userpro

What I really want to achieve is to make the live site (multisite home) look exactly like the one in our test server with the login and content in place. How can you help me achieve this?

Thank you very much and I now know what it means to use WordPress…great and pro support.


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    Just… as an aside. As a professional web UX developer, enter into single page sites with caution. Single page sites may look like a lot of fun eye candy, but they have several downsides. For one thing, unless you fully engage the user on landing, you will have very little success with content below the fold. For another, they’re going to spike the hell out of your attention ratio. Finally, they put all of your SEO eggs in one basket. You’re literally counting on a single page for all of your attention from Google.

    Single page web designs work best with STORY CONTENT. If you’re not telling a story, you probably shouldn’t be trying to cram everything into a single scrolling experience.

    As a parting aside, I’ll also mention a bit about animation. Any time you think about animating something, ask yourself what the user would have been looking at if you hadn’t animated the page. Now ask yourself if the animation you’ve selected is helping or distracting from the call to action.

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    @imperative Ideas, ouch! My fault, my apologies. That’s not the site b’cos I missed the url. Here is the site I’m talking about Its a small medical community site. I will need to open another ticket to address my multisite solution.

    Also, thanks for the headup on one-page site. I was developing the site previously before taken it from my hand. My idea of one page is to create a landing page that will stun and make visitor but creating inner pages as well through cta and readmore buttons. Nice one imperative and thank you for your views.

    Happy new year in advance.


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    Ah, okay then =)

    The second site is using an older design pattern; the classic head/nav/slider/body arrangement. Of course, the problem with that pattern is that it doesn’t work. I’d need to know more about the site you are developing before I could give design direction though.

    If that’s the look you want, there are plenty of themes that’ll do it. Select almost anything done between late 2011 and early 2013. Half of Elegant Themes and WPMU work on this pattern.

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    As I explained to my current employer during the interview process, I’ll try like hell to push someone in the right direction but if they insist – yes I’ll eventually give them bad design on request. My professional deck is full of examples, which don’t go into my portfolio.

    As a designer, I think it’s our duty to, politely as possible, educate our clients about not only design – but about usability.

    If it’s social networking they want, have a peak at this. The theme methodology is most similar to what you find at Shopify.

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