deregister, enque, compact css and java / jquery – buddypress load time

A wordpress multi-site with buddypress and some standard plugins, bp-social theme. Pages take more than 20 seconds to load.

After reading and then

I think page load can be cut in half or better by combining some css from wp / buddypress / bp-social theme, rt-media and other stuff, and maybe cut out a majority of the (redundant?) calls to load various jquery / java stuff.

Has anyone done a step by step with these things?

From reading the info at wp-beginner I think I can hack together all the css from the various things into one or two files.. not sure about getting rid of the inline styles from bp-social and rt-media – but that’s another issue.

I am really not sure about the jquery java things – can they all be cutout and just load like one or two of them and that would make everything work okay?

Special bonus if anyone has a good guide for figuring out what rt-media needs from font awesome, combine that with what is needed from wordpress for dashicons, make a shorter version with fontello, package into one file and add the css to the themes’ stylesheet so I can get rid of those extra http requests.

right now – yslow – we get an “F” –

This page has 27 external Javascript scripts. Try combining them into one.

This page has 17 external stylesheets. Try combining them into one.

A bunch of these are loaded in the head section, and a few in the footer…

There are 18 JavaScript scripts found in the head of the document.

Certainly this is a fairly standard buddypress setup certainly someone has put together a how-to for this?

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Djsteve,

    Hope you’re doing well today and thanks for your question!

    I just visited the only site you have registered with our dashboard plugin and all the pages there seemed to be loading very fast. Is this a different site you have that’s loading slow?

    A wordpress multi-site with buddypress and some standard plugins, bp-social theme

    Which standard plugins? Often load times this slow will be caused by plugins. Multiple plugins adding different Js for example.

    Do you have a caching plugin like WP-Supercache?

    Another awesome plugin that I think you will find helpful here is Autoptimize:

    It will minimize all your Js, CSS, and HTML. Let us know how that goes for you and what sort of improvement you see :slight_smile:

    Once we know more about your install then perhaps we can help further as well.

    Look forward to hearing back djsteve!

    All the best,


  • djsteve
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thanks for replying about this so quickly Tyler.

    It is likely the same site we are talking about – has bp-social theme..(AOS) Maybe it is loading slower for me since I have browser plugins that disable gravatar and look for other third party scripts to disallow connections with – guess I should try with a different browser.. but certainly all these various css and js files can be condensed to speed up things.

    I tried quick-cache for a while to speed things up.. but it caused the bp-media / rt-media / buddypress album or whatever it’s called to choke on things like “load more” – it also started to cause problems with “quick-chat” plugin I think.. I saw some docs that talked about telling the plugins to play nice with quick cache – but getting into that stuff is beyond my php hack-em-abilities.. for now..


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    I will checkout the optimize plugin you suggest, and will eventually tune the htaccess to tell browsers to cache some of these assets for a month or so or something..

    Certainly the ridiculous amount of stuff bp-media adds all over the site is something they should fix.. there are really only certain pages it should need to load all that extra crap.. and from the tutorial at the other site I should be able to dregister the contact form js and css calls and just have them appear on the single contact page.. probably the same with the quickchat css…

    I am surprised that there are so many calls to css and various js from the theme and a few plugins.. if they could be put together or cut down it would certainly save some page load time for users and tax the server a bit less..

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