Description for New Blog Template in Theme Preview mode

HI I would like to use the Them Previewer option for New Blog Templates. I like how the Theme Previewer has a link to the Demo site associated with the template but i dont like how the template description is a tool tip pop out style box. I would like to know how i can modify the php files to add the same style as the Screenshot, title and description option. I would like for my Template description to be displayed under the Theme Preview Template images.
Thank you in advance

  • stacy_bosel

    Hi thanks for your reply however that is not the desired outcome. That is the Screenshot, title and description option. I am using that as it shows the details in a better fashion however you cant select the demo from that setting.... I would like to have theTheme Previewer option with the addition of the description under the screenshots. Maybe if you have a quick look at the documentation you will understand what i am referring to. Thanks in advance

  • stacy_bosel

    Maybe it would be better if you read and understood how the plugin is set up. You can find the information here

    If you read the part about the "Configuring the Settings" You will notice that the Template selection setting has 5 options (the actual plugin has 6 options but obviously WPMUDEV have not updated the documentation i must say i am not surprised here) Option 4 is "A Theme screenshot selection with titles and description" the 5th option is "As a Theme Viewer" I would upload a screenshot but i am sure you can use the one provided in the dated documentation in the link provided.

    Now what i would really appreciate is to display the Template with the "As a Theme Viewer " option however i would like to add the description under the templates much the same way as it is in the "A Theme screenshot selection with titles and description" the default setting for the "As a Theme Viewer" option displays the description in a small box that is only viewable after a mouse hovers over the template, this is not ideal. I am sure that a quick addition or edit to a PHP file will achieve this outcome however i am not a PHP expert, hopefully someone at WPMUDEV is.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance

  • Anang

    Hi @stacy_bosel

    Thanks for give me more clear direction :slight_smile:

    So you can edit the files on plugins/blogtemplates/blogtemplates.php find on line 232.
    Original :

    <div id="nbt-desc-pointer-<?php echo $tkey; ?>" class="nbt-desc-pointer">
    						<?php echo nl2br($template['description']); ?>

    Change to :

    <div class="nbt-desc-no-pointer">
    						<?php echo nl2br($template['description']); ?>

    Please note, this change will change when you update the plugin. So save the this code somewhere so when you update the plugins you can change your style again :slight_smile:

    Let me know if you need any help :slight_smile:

    Best Regards

  • stacy_bosel

    Hi Anang

    Thank you very much, this is exactly what i was looking for.

    if i place the php file in my child theme will that still work and prevent the update issue? \

    Also i noted a bug with the new Prosites update, the description of the Templates from New Blog Templates doesn't display at all. I have since reverted to the old version of Prosites but it is something that the developers should be made aware of.

    Thanks for your assistance.

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