Design/flow issue on prosites page

I installed prosites and there is this page:

Manage a Site
Blog ID:
Or search for a site:

It is bad design to think that both buttons take you to the same page. When you search for a site, you expect that it finds it and takes you to the page that you want, which is:


And not this:

And from this sites.php page, there is no link to what I originally wanted:


I would recommend someone look at the flow and make this page more clear that the buttons take you to different places:

Lastly, I don't like you guys tracking my work because I don't know you, but it seems that you know about my domains. Is this because I installed WPMU DEV that I seem to have lost some privacy?


  • aecnu

    Greetings James,

    Thank you for your input and feedback concerning the plugin - I will be sure to let the lead developer know.

    It is in the terms of service what, why, and how about the web site tracking and actually it is tracking what version of WordPress you are using so we do not have to ask it a million times a day.

    I will not comment about privacy considering the truth with drones, tapped phones, and the rest of the police state ... lol

    Cheers, Joe

  • Aaron

    How could I make it more clear?

    And from this sites.php page, there is no link to what I originally wanted:

    You click any of the manage links there on sites.php

    I just added this field as it's helpful when you don't know the blogid, didn't want to code an support an entirely different sites search when there is a perfectly good one in WP.

    Regarding tracking, we use it to help provide support, as well as for internal statistics (example, knowing what our most popular used plugins are so we can focus our development efforts toward those). Note that core WP sends even more data to than we do. We only collect data on our installed products, while knows every little thing you have installed (including our products). Details on what's collected are at the end of our TOS:

    Also it provides you with a centralized view of the available updates for all your sites:

  • jamesy


    Thanks for your reply and info on privacy - very interesting.

    Regarding making it more clear, I think the blog id search could be done on the page instead of sending to the sites.php, then on the page again, offer the option to link to the page wp-admin/network/admin.php?page=psts&bid=n. As is, I get the id and then have to go back to the admin.php page, which is not obvious to a newbie.

    Thanks again,

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