desperately need ecommerce tracking on Membership plugin - happy to pay for it


I am using the wonderful Membership plugin, I love it - but as a business person, I am flying blind!

I think many Membership users would love to have ecommerce data for business insights, so we can tell which Facebook ads sold subscriptions, which Google ads, which email campaigns.... Membership, being a great product that drives a business, should have this.

I am afraid to get a coder to modify the plugin because the mods will break on each plugin update, and I do need the plugin updates. Seems to me the only way to get it done is at core level.

This is what we need most:

PRIORITY 1: Google Analytics ecommerce tracking

PRIORITY 2: Mailchimp ecommerce tracking

Priority 1 is universal I think, because we all can use GA, but maybe not all of us use Mailchimp, though many do.

I would be happy to pay for this integration, as long as it is automatically sustainable upon Membership plugin updates. And it is kinda urgent because we are spending ad money already and that would be nice to track....

Any help at all please?



  • Ash

    Hello @David

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    Unfortunately we can't integrate these without a number of request, so I am marking this as feature request.

    And I am sorry we dont offer any paid custom work, so for now, you have to customize the plugin to fit your needs.

    Also, if you need to customise this then you can post a job in our job board where you can hire a developer to assist further: Please note that, no WPMU official staffs are allowed to work in the job board.


  • David

    Hi @Ashok,

    Understood. I guess I will have to find another way.

    Please advise me on one last thing: If I get a developer to at least implement only the GA ecommerce tracking as that is the most urgent, what do you suggest or recommend is the best way so those mods dont break each time the plugin is updated? Perhaps you can pass this on to the Membership developer so we can get some tips? I understand they cannot spend much time on this or do a custom job for me, thats fair enough, I just need some good bullet points from the developer of Membership so whoever I hire to code these changes does it right, and the mods last through updates (that is my biggest concern - lasting through updates).



  • Sumit Kumar

    Hey @David,
    I hope you are doing good, today :slight_smile:

    With no any further words on this, I will just mark the thread for "developer feedback" and now lets just wait for his comments on this. Hopefully, he will suggest you the better way to go with custom development, in a safe way :slight_smile:

    Please be aware that developer feedback takes time than our usual response. Those guys are backed up with multiple issue-fixes and are working on new updates for next releases. So, we just request your patience here, till you next hear from him :slight_smile:

    Thanks for your query there!
    Warm Regards,

  • Rheinard

    Hi @David,

    I understand the need for the analytics. In regards to Google Analytics, I'm trying to understand what you would want that is different than standard Google Analytics. To help me understand this I'll give a scenario and let me know if this is what you mean.

    User comes to a "landing page" from a Facebook ad or Adwords. On this page you have a register button that takes them to the actual registration page. Upon registration you want to know which ad or external link was the one responsible.

    Am I right in saying this is the behaviour you want at the most basic level?

    This is possible with GA, in that you can identify all the links coming to a given page. You can then follow those links to see where a user went next. This is a manual process and can take a bit of messing around to get the data you want. However, it is doable.

    To streamline this with Membership will take a bit of hacking of core. That said, if you do get custom code developed, here is what I would do:

    1. Get the developer to make a shortcode that you can put on your landing page. This shortcode would be responsible for capturing the referral URL in a session variable or a cookie.

    2. Get the developer to use the 'membership_add_subscription' action to hook a function that will pull the relevant bits of information from the action, but also the referral URL from the cookie.

    3. Now that you have the data you need you can: a) Add it to your user meta, b) Write it to a custom table, c) Integrate it with another system that logs the data (e.g. using Google Drive API the developer can write that data to a spreadsheet).

    Once you have the data from step 2, what you do with the data is really up to the imagination.

    The best thing about this approach is that even if Membership updates, your custom plugin will continue to work. The only thing you require from Membership is the 'membership_add_subscription' action. And this action wont be going anywhere.

    I hope this helps you to work out what to ask for.

    As @Ashok already mentioned, we'll add this as a feature request.


  • David

    @Rheinard thank you very much! Your advice is spot on! Your scenario is very much what I am after, with one bit missing:

    GA has ecommerce analytics whereby it receives the amount and item name. This way, one can tell which ad or campaign resulted in how much revenue and thus know ROI, so we can tell which ads to spend more on. So, exactly like your scenario, but with support for transaction value and item name (which subscription). Also, if it is a recurring payment, that is also handled.

    Here is the GA ecommerce info:

    How do I achieve this, how do I modify your awesome replay so it adds support for this?


  • Rheinard

    Hi @David,

    In this case you'd want to add another step before step 2. Your developer will need to hook the 'membership_payment_processed' action. This has the following data available:
    Member, Subscription ID, Amount, Currency and Transaction ID.

    By hooking this action the developer can add additional data to the cookie that will be processed when 'membership_add_subscription' fires.

    It does not contain whether its a recurring subscription, but with the subscription ID the developer would be able to determine this by pulling the data from the database.

    Alternatively, the shortcode in step 1 can contain all this data minus the transaction ID. This means that when you create your landing page your will also need to add the subscription, the price, currency, if its recurring or not.

    I'd try to keep the shortcode simple though, but it is an option to set additional data that can be processed in the 'original' step 2.


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