Detection - site appears to be down

I am getting multiple emails from WPMU DEV about my website going down. I initially thought that this might be because I had an active WordPress plugin to create a login screen while I was working on my website (the plugin is called 'Simple Site Lockdown'). I have since deactivated this plugin, but I am still getting emails that my website is down. Can you please let me know if there is something I am missing or any tips on resolving this issue? Thank you!

  • Huberson
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    Hello Candice
    That issue is sometimes related to server timeout. If Uptime monitoring failed to communicate with the server after some ping, site down notification might be sent since the ping requests failed.
    It's not necessarily a downtime but timeout caused by server configuration, or connection refused by the server if it notices too many requests from a specific source(that's also related to server settings).

    It's also possible that the hosting server goes down at certain interval or can't process the requests (could be due to server load). But that something that can only be confirmed hosting side.

    I'd suggest first try reaching your hosting provider to have them check if the server went down indeed at that time specified by Uptime, did your hosting account resources(CPU, RAM, Bandwidth,..) usage get really high at some point.
    And rather there's any server config that might refuse connection after a certain amount of requests between specific interval.

    These are the IPs mostly used by Uptime to send ping requests,, You can provide them to hosting guys in case they need to check logs.

    After you've got hosting insight, you can then reach back to use here with any update/details, so we can check on our side if there anything that need to be addressed.


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