Determining site Pro-Sites level using PHP

I'm building a theme for my project and I need to show/hide some parts of the template depending on whether the site is free or paying, and if paying different content depending on the level.

For example, I have found this

<?php if (psts_show_ads()) { ?>
    Content here
<?php } ?>

which works perfectly fine and allows me to have some control, but I need a bit more flexibility than that.
Is there anything else besides the "show ads" that I could use? Something like

<?php global $pro_site_level;
if ($pro_site_level = 1) { ?> Content here <?php } ?>
if ($pro_site_level = 2) { ?> Content here <?php } ?>
if ($pro_site_level = 3) { ?> Content here
<?php } else { ?>
Content here
<?php } ?>

The pro_site_level here is hypothetical of course but that's the sort of thing I'm trying to accomplish