Developer needed to format Directory

Is there a developer who can set up Directory for me on my site? I have gone through all the settings and connected with paypal and added some dummy listings, but it isn't looking like
Or should I just go to somewhere like Elance?

  • PC

    Hello Keran,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    If you are looking for someone from the community to do it for you, you can post a job requirement here :

    If you want to achieve the looks like the demo site, you will need to use the Default Directory theme (Included in the plugin) : \directory\themes\

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.


  • Arnold

    That screen is the data from your user profile that you originally submitted to PayPal when you started the transaction. PayPal sends back a token that will let you complete the transaction if you confirm at that point. If you don't click the Confirm then the transaction is incomplete. and won't be charged.

    If you need to change data you would need to go to your User profile and change it although it's not used for shipping or anything. If the Amount is wrong you'll need to start the transaction from the start.

  • NewbieKB

    Arnold, if that is the case WHY doesn't this form part of the guide for users???? Surely right at the start there should be a simple 'How to Use This Directory'... I did a dummy entry and paypal brought up one of my accounts automatically - how? I wasn't given any instructions at all or notification that this would automatically happen. If I can't use this how can I expect my potential customers to use it?

    I am SO frustrated.

    Can ANYONE point me to a guide on how to use this plug-in?

    Surely it's a basic requirement. I can see other members are struggling with what appears to be a great plug-in but it's not user friendly. You guys could make this EASY for everyone - then we could spread the word - you only need to get the instructions for set up written properly ONCE.

    I have the default theme installed via FTP - how do I get the layout now to look like the demo that is promoted as the default look? Is there a step by step guide? This is NOT a plug in that is up and running in 30 minutes so I do feel mislead.

    Help please.

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