Developer with awesome creative skills needed!

Hi, I’m learning WP etc…

But right now I am in need of a creative designer and WP dev who would like to design & build my site (responsive theme).

I also appreciate the value of an experienced designer/ developer!


I need 5 top level pages +an onsite blog

FB biz page (synced to my website design)

social media set up for G+, FB, Tw, LinkedIn etc.

Email optin

Will have a video on the HP – introducing myself etc

Since I have a lot of previous experience as a consultant in design/print/web I am aware of the web design & development process and am very organised.

I have everything categorised into folders for Copywriting / Images / Plugins / Themes etc and can share as require via DropBox or Google Drive.

Professional images have been shot for page headers (have low, med & hi res raw images)as this is my Personal Brand site.

I have a strong vision for the site but am looking excellent creativity (fonts, headings, calls to action…I want i to POP!).

I have purchased certain plugins req’d for marketing such as EasyWebinar, Easy Video Suite (& many others which I would like advice on the value of).

I’m also considering using Membership but this 1st site is mainly to launch myself into the Online Trg Academy industry, position myself as an expert and start list building from this site & on SM sites.

I will be doing webinars, Google Hangouts, and using videos both emailed & on my blog.

Ideally I would like someone who wants to create an ongoing relationship as this is just the beginning.

Have had a lot of responses to an ad I placed on Elance, but I somehow feel safer asking inside of this community.

Anyway – if your interested, brilliant, fun to work with, SEO savvy and all the rest of it please let me know.

I’m not even sure if I’m breaking the rules of this community by posting such request, and if that IS the case I sincerely apologise and will accept my punishment with good grace :slight_smile: