Developing Case Studies As a Result of Using WPMUDEV Plugins and Resources

I wanted to put forward an idea that might help people in wpmudev.

I hear from people all the time, who do web development using WordPress exclusively. They are always asking about ideas and case studies that would help them reach offline and online customers with better solutions?

Personally, I believe there are so many opportunities out there for consultants, developers, website builders to tap into the resources at wpmudev, but most are lost lambs, many are not aware of wpmudev and resources it offers. Within the wpmudev group I am sure that alot of people have had some great challenges setting up projects for clients, others have come up with some really innovative solutions and in all cases it probably took a good fair amount of time do all the research to find a solution.

As a good shepherd (i.e. wpmudev) could offer a wealth of case studies to drive these people into fully using the wpmudev resources available to them.

The idea could be something like have a a combination of case studies put together by both wpmudev team members and actual active wpmudev members.

The purpose in the end is to show everyone how to create innovative solutions for existing or new clients. However, the case studies could also be an excellent way to get us as member to use plugins that we would otherwise never really touch.

I look at how Hubspot does that as well. They invigorate participation by demonstration via case studies.

With a reference library filled with case studies, obviously we would change the names of the actual clients to avoid any sort of conflicts.

When I approach a new client or an existing one, I try to pull together a skill set of tools that will facilitate the project.

I will go through, for example different resources like WPMU-DEV, ENVATO and WORDPRESS and see how I can put together the best solution and within a workable budget for that project.
Its amazing what I come up with once I start my shopping list of tools and resources.

I wonder if other members in wpmudev would like the idea of generating case studies to help us all make the most of the membership and the resources out there.

Just a thought