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I want to develop my site with some features and I've saw some of your pluggins and seems to be the answer to my headaches:

1. The idea of my site is to be a "Newspaper" with a sort of news created by authorized Authors and by the people. That is why I've created a WP-Multisite. I want to know: Is there a way to publish the content in a site in only if they have certain ammounts of votes or shares or likes? (and to have a widget with the "latests community posts"?)

2. I want to create communities and I've been using the "communities" plugin, but, how do a regular person joins an specific community? How can I setup the community leader?

3. Do you have a quick manual to use the "Pro-Sites" plugin? I mean, more detailed than the description in the plugin.

4. I would like to use the "Wiki" pluggin but... Is there a widget that announce the changes on the Wikis? Also, can an user "suscribe" to a Wiki?


  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi there and welcome to the WPMUdev Support Forums!

    Wow! Great stuff. And, yes, you can do the things you want with our plugins. It will still take some patience putting it together, but certainly it will make your job easier.

    In addition to the plugins you mentioned, you'll also want to look at Post Voting plugin, Post Indexer, Site Categories, Languages for WordPress, Global Tag Feed, and Recent Posts Widget.

    As for Communities, I don't have much experience with this, so I'll have to do some looking into it.

    For ProSites, there isn't really a manual other than what's on the plugin page and the video, and of course the Support Forum! Searching past posts can usually help with most things. And you can always ask more questions of us!

    And, yes, there are widgets for letting folks know about updates for the Wikis.


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