Development Priority List

Hi Guys,

I'm keen to do a survey (via email) of WPMU DEV users asking you guys what you'd like us to develop for you next.

Basically we'll provide a list of options that people can vote on, and the opportunity to suggest new stuff.

And we'll prioritize development based on that :slight_smile:

So, to get us started, here's a list of things that are knocking around my head.

Please add to the list with plugins / themes / services you'd like to see developed by us, for you :slight_smile:

Here's what's on my mind at the moment :slight_smile:

- Multisite related Posts
- Integrated stats for every blog (like provides their bloggers)
- WPMU DEV SEO plugin (all our SEO knowhow, in one place)
- Chat (based on our live support development plugin here)
- Pay to download plugin (simple, payment for downloads stuff)
- Drag and drop theme (a la / squarespace theme designer)
- Lots more (and prettier) unbranded 'how to' videos for your users
- 'How to' videos for developers
- YouTube clone plugin (turns a WP install into a YouTube style site)
- Classes - Turns Multisite into a learning management system
- Wibya / bebo style bar
- Better Top admin bar (for multisite)
- BuddyPress / WP Events management plugin

What's on yours?