Development Priority List

Hi Guys,

I’m keen to do a survey (via email) of WPMU DEV users asking you guys what you’d like us to develop for you next.

Basically we’ll provide a list of options that people can vote on, and the opportunity to suggest new stuff.

And we’ll prioritize development based on that :slight_smile:

So, to get us started, here’s a list of things that are knocking around my head.

Please add to the list with plugins / themes / services you’d like to see developed by us, for you :slight_smile:

Here’s what’s on my mind at the moment :slight_smile:

– Multisite related Posts

– Integrated stats for every blog (like provides their bloggers)

– WPMU DEV SEO plugin (all our SEO knowhow, in one place)

– Chat (based on our live support development plugin here)

– Pay to download plugin (simple, payment for downloads stuff)

– Drag and drop theme (a la / squarespace theme designer)

– Lots more (and prettier) unbranded ‘how to’ videos for your users

– ‘How to’ videos for developers

– YouTube clone plugin (turns a WP install into a YouTube style site)

– Classes – Turns Multisite into a learning management system

– Wibya / bebo style bar

– Better Top admin bar (for multisite)

– BuddyPress / WP Events management plugin

What’s on yours?

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    This is a fantastic list!

    Any way we can see this by Christmas?? ;D

    I’m definitely all in for the unbranded ‘how to’ videos and the events management. Oh, but SEO for WordPress and BuddyPres would be a dream come true as well.

    I’m also hearing that a polls/survey plugin that worked with WordPress and BuddyPress would really rock as well.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • AquaPebble
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    My top 2 from your list would be the same as masonjames: How to videos and Events plugin.

    However I am still hoping for the business directory plugin. Not sure if that is in development.

    Another plugin I would like to see is a useful loyalty rewards type plugin that can be used to get fluff rewards, awards, gifts or maybe special titles or even special downloads, etc. I know there is cube points, but there is no real integrated system for doing anything with the points, other than if you use wp-ecommerce and let people buy things with points or use points to get discounts, which is also nice, but forces one to use wp-ecommerce.

    I see a big gap for plugins for keeping a community active and interactive. There are a few, but not many that are special in my mind. there are lots for managing or optimizing the community from the back-end.

  • Aphrodite
    • The Reaper


    – the multidomain option when creating a site, WP AND buddypress…

    – localization possibility of the plugins which are not (specialy the single file ones, Moderation, etc..)

    – Blogtype + blog list integration to have nice categorize blog lists

    – and i had an idea about all your payement system integrated in several plugins.

    Why not having a single payement framework that could just plug into all plugins ? In fact as I told you I am integrating now WebInvoice with Supporter. Means all payement and gateways are setup once. Think I will do it for other plugins as membership. But webinvoice, even great, is not yours, having a unique payement “plugin” that coulfd”plug” to all others (with billing edition :wink: would be great.

    – well not awoken well today and a little ill so more after. Peut être :slight_smile:

    Oh yes !

    A real estate plugin, that just… works !

  • VentureMaker
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    +1 for – Drag and drop theme (a la / squarespace theme designer)

    I’m thinking about categorized themes and plugins pages for users.

    Something like – at the very top is (was) my old hack Themes in backend sorted by tags.

    So that users can choose themes/plugins from certain categories – this is for sites with lots of themes/plugins.

    Webmail plugin – especially useful with Domain Mapping.

    Some kind of ‘grouping’ Sites/Users under Super Admin for easier maintenance.

    Better Blog Types integrated with Blog Directory/Member Directory.

  • David Payne
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I know this has been bounced around in several other locales in these forums. We need some kind of blog directory. We have this amazing ability to generate these massive blog networks but are limited in our ability to categorize and direct website users to exactly what they are looking for. Search functions are always helpful but don’t necessarily allow the user to see the big picture of all that a blog network has to offer. This plugin is definitely high on the list for me!

  • stergatu
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi James,

    I know you are very busy bees in incsub, but maybe you could also fix some minor things in the also :slight_smile:

    I realized throught the forum that a new multidb version is out.But the “Recent Updated Plugins” widget in the home page don’t include it.

    It would be very helpful for us (members) to have a reference point for all the updated plugins, cause now we have to periodically search each plugin page and worse of all to go to the plugin’s download page in order to find its real update date (cause the Last updated info is about the text of the plugins page).

    And please, please make the update-notifications work with wp3.

    Thanks in advance.


  • JoseffB
    • The Crimson Coder

    – Directories (like the yellow pages)

    – Integrated Payment framework

    – An ad placement plug-in (that talks to openx and the payment framework above), self service would be awesome.

    – Members-only plug-in that integrated secure invite features as well as a Maintenance screen

    – Easy Admin 2.0 — make it super simple for people to run a their own site (some of my users aren’t the brightest apple in the bunch)

    – BP toys that can be sent to other members as gifts

    – BP advanced activity — I want to be able to tell members when other members pick there nose.

    – A Newsletter plugin that I can send quick blast out — i.e. Mail-chimp on my own servers

    – Themes – a SN theme that doesn’t look like Buddypress! Some thing very Facebook, Linked in, or other. BP is awesome but I dont want competitors knowing I’m using it.

    – Hide-WP-structure-plugin – I don’t want any thing in the site to point to WP, this is more then rebranding it’s wiping. I want to login at /login rather then wp-login, etc.

    Need to think.

  • Aphrodite
    • The Reaper

    – a file download manager multisite compatible. That means with the default path to /blog.dir/id/files/downloads

    – a generic booking application that works entierely in WP and not with third party application for hotels, car rental, events :slight_smile:

  • joshmac
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I have a big vote for “Classes – Turns Multisite into a learning management system” which also includes a grade book. The blogosphere is becoming popular with posts on looking at WordPress + Buddypress as an alternative LMS. As one who is in education, this is exciting for me. There are a few universities that have already moved from a typical LMS and blackboard in order to use WordPress or some other blogging platform as an alternative.

  • dubya
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    My top 5 selected from the posts above, in order:

    – the multidomain option when creating a site, WP AND buddypress…

    – BuddyPress / WP Events management plugin

    – Integrated stats for every blog (like provides their bloggers)

    – Hide-WP-structure-plugin

    – WPMU DEV SEO plugin (all our SEO knowhow, in one place)


    – Lots more (and prettier) unbranded ‘how to’ videos for your users

    gets the runner-up prize.

    But if I could have only one… working “updates notifications” wins hands down.

  • dubya
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Actually, after re-reading @aquapebble‘s post, I really like the “loyalty rewards” idea. Could be as simple as hooking cube points into supporter (vice-versa?) alowing us to reward active members by giving them access to features or a free month or some such…

  • kennibc
    • The Crimson Coder

    I like the idea of the Blog Directory.

    I am also very interested in the Classes – Turns Multisite into a learning management system idea.

    We currently have teachers using WP3/Buddypress for classroom websites and Moodle for online learning. If there was anyway you could work to integrate all 3 (WP3/Buddypress/Moodle) that would ROCK. An integration that goes beyond login details. Something where the WP multisite blogs might replace Moodle’s blogging. A plugin that would display on a blog that users Moodle classes or upcoming events. An Enrollment button on the blog for the teacher’s class. A full featured integration where users go seamlessly from the social aspects to the blogging to the online learning. And a special theme to allow for that flow.

    I am just tossing out ideas.

  • David Payne
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    @aaron Now I see what you mean! Yes, I’m familiar with that plugin. I believe the BlogsMu theme has the same type of directory built in to it. This is not bad, don’t get me wrong. But I cannot create any kind of categorization with the blogs. It’s basically just a long list. Additionally, it’s not nearly as attractive as the one released with Edublogs, nor does it show some quick info about the prior three posts.

  • David Payne
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    This may already exist, and if it does, somebody please let me know, but what would be great is the ability for members in a buddypress community to create internal private message contact lists. I envision that there will be countless numbers of sites where this would be exceptionally helpful. As an educator, I can envision having my class of students in your new “Classes – LMS” plugin and then they would could be broken into groups. Within their buddypress world, they could then establish each of the groups as separate contact lists. You get the idea :slight_smile:

    Dave (by the way, I finally got a pic in for my avatar!)

  • Aphrodite
    • The Reaper

    oh yes… I will insist on that “blog registration” thing….

    with a simple question : how is it possible, in the eventuallity of a big farm with hundreds of blogs to block multiple registration ? How is it on Edublogs ? on ??? a user cannot register twice or more on several blogs ?

    I dont understand this wp issue !!

  • cyri
    • Flash Drive

    I would like to see the Affiliate plugin integrated with the Upgrades plugin. I know it is integrated with the Supporters plugin now but I would like to use Affiliates with Upgrades if that could be integrated in the future.

  • drdave
    • The Crimson Coder

    1. It’s all about facebook with a lot of my potential members just some simple way allowing them to interact between fb and my site will reel them in like sardines.

    2. I also vote for Joshmac “learning management system”.

    I could go on forever…

  • Macitaly
    • Flash Drive

    Definitely “Classes” should be a great plugin.

    About your list:

    – Lots more (and prettier) unbranded ‘how to’ videos for your users

    – Classes – Turns Multisite into a learning management system

    – BuddyPress / WP Events management plugin

    have my preferences but all the rest are usefuls.

    I come back to suggest a multimedia manager plugin to externalize media files on Youtube and Flickr managing them from WP administration-

    I mean upload/retrieve movies to/from YT and images to/from Flickr, that each user (blog and or BP) can manage to store media in admin’s account and use on his blog and BP profile.

    With this, MS admins can allow their users to upload virtually infinite uploads with no costs or very low costs (an unlimited account on Flickr costs less then 25$ y and in YT can store 2000 movies per account, after this, add another account :slight_smile: and adding, in the same time, other communities involvement.

    All plugins, now that a guy developed Youtube Uploader, are available, need only to refine, merge and give them a better WP look.

    My 2 eurocents

  • sleenie
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Great list! My tops ones are the unbranded

    – Classes – Turns Multisite into a learning management system (I’m working on this now but having to dig to find plugins etc (Mine is more for the commercial end versus an educational institution)

    – Pay to download plugin (simple, payment for downloads stuff)

    – Lots more (and prettier) unbranded ‘how to’ videos for your users

    – Better Top admin bar (for multisite) (I’m using the Ozh’ Admin Dropdown plug-in by &love it.Great place to start.

    I like all of them, my favorites are above. There is one that I’d love but not sure it is even possible. I’m using the Blog Clone plug-in but need to change links in many of the pages to match the user. Right now I have to manually do each new blog. Would LOVE to have a search and replace ability for each new blog.


  • Leo
    • Flash Drive

    Supporter “Different Levels, Membership Packages”

    Something that works like supporter, but offers different level packages instead of just one. Something a long the lines of membership rules would be amazing, but it should work MULTISITE wide, instead of just site wide like membership does.


    +1 for the SEO plugin

    +1 for the Theme designer, but I think it needs to be implemented very well, and very well polished

  • Qlof
    • The Crimson Coder

    I think that a very very appreciated plugin would be to make your blog (main and user) into an iPhone and/or Android app. I think such an app could be built on the rss feed. When a new post is made the user is alerted. Then the user could submit his/her blog/app to the app dirs and even charge for it if they want to. It would definately be something that people would become Supporter to get.

  • gregfielding
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    A few suggestions…

    1. A unified/sitewide search that will pull results from the main blog, forums, groups, members, any additional BP features like Gallery or Links, AND from all sub-blogs.

    All BP and MU/MS Search results in one place.

    2. A front-end Post editor where members and guests (optional) could submit posts AND also support custom post types. This would open the doors for reviews, Q & A, etc.

    3. Geographic Taxonomies that are searchable and filterable in BP that could apply to members, groups, blogs, and custom post types. Just a simple County-State-City-Address-Zip would be phenomenal!

    Right now, one of the biggest problems with BP is the ability for find other members with an interest or within a geography. Want to find another member in Iowa? good luck. How about find a review of restaurants in a given town? It should be easy, but it’s not year with BP.

  • John
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    My 2 cents

    1. Ability to map several domains to one site

    2. Supporter – discount codes

    3. Supporter – ability to add/upsell other products. Example customer pays supporter monthly and has the ability to buy custom design for a one time fee.


  • kennibc
    • The Crimson Coder

    I’d like to throw out one more suggestion: Joomla Integration. I just added it to the spreadsheet survey.

    Basically, Joomla would be able to display lists of blogs, lists of users, BP recent activity, BP Groups and BP Group Members, and other information via Joomla modules and plugins. Users could seamlessly go from Joomla to WP3 via Joomla logged-in user menus. I ma sure there are many more options out there as well that I am not thinking of.

    Our current K-12 school district web platform includes: Joomla, Mindtouch Wikis, WP3+BP, and Moodle. We have a teacher blog world and a “private-garden” student blog world. Any integrations with the other major open source projects is always welcomed.

  • James Farmer
    • CEO (of WPMU DEV, honest)

    – BP Gifts – was a suggestion / request… giving digital gifts to other members… looks like people don’t care tho :slight_smile:

    – Joomla… sounds interesting

    – Carrington… naw, we’ll be cool :slight_smile:

    – Time tracker… sounds interesting and we’ll consider it, but unlikely to be top of most peoples lists and we have to go with the demand at the moment I’m afraid – I bet you there’s a third party widget / tool you can embed.

  • eborg9
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I don’t know if we are doing themes here, but I have been waiting for someone…anyone to create a magazine style theme that emphasizes showing a lot of user posts on the home page, separated by category, with nice sized thumbnails.

    Possibly in columns, 2 x 2 , with a sidebar. Nothing too fancy, but something that looks like a real community of bloggers. Of course you would need the content to fill it out but it should be simple to create for those who know how.

    Here is an example of what I’m talking about.

    Disregard the video area and all the other crap (this is one of my blogs ), I’m just talking about the way the layout of posts in their perspective categories is displayed, but from across the network…not just from the main blog.

    The thumbnails don’t have to be from the post images, but that would be nice…just the user avatar would even be fine.

    Anyone else interested in this kind of layout for their community or something similar?

  • James Farmer
    • CEO (of WPMU DEV, honest)

    We’ll definitely consider that kind of theme in our next theme dev cycle… although we have a couple ahead of it at the moment.

    If you like the and homepages we think you’ll like them.

    And there’s a great portfolio one just about to be released too!

  • gina
    • The Bug Hunter

    blog directory by category

    top/popular blogs/posts sitewide widget

    something like BP karma for forums with a thumbs up/down but for activity AND forum with the post fading or deleting feature it has: Users can rate forum posts in BuddyPress. Good posts are highlighted and poor posts diminished. Highlighted karma points shown for each user.

    right now i am using cubepoints and flagging but it would be nice to marry the two somehow.

    that’s all i got right now! :slight_smile:

  • David Payne
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    You guys may have seen the new Buddypress Sidebar plugin that just came out. I think the idea is brilliant… basically being able to choose different widgets for each unique page you have without having to modify the theme you’re using.

    I tried it and unfortunately none of the widgets showed up. Creating a plugin like this would be great! Alternatively, if the Buddypress Sidebar plugin ends up working in general, making updates to the themes to allow them to work with this plugin would be great!


  • sleenie
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    The Moodle integration would be cool. I actually tried something similar with Moodle and Joomla several years ago. Mainly because my “school” was a commercial venture and I needed a front end that could allow me to handle the commercial aspect. I wanted a single log-in procedure but after spending good money it never happened. (or at least right) So switched to WordPress and decided it was easier working with plugins. But I really miss some of the Moodle features. They have a great community also and I think this would be ideal! (I know there are some Moodle/Joomla integraions now but last I checked they still weren’t the greatest, plus now I like WordPress MUCH better)

    If this is ever done (WordPress/Moodle) I would be thrilled to be part to the testing.

  • gina
    • The Bug Hunter

    the buddy press karma plugin.. you don’t get points for actions but rather for how many thumbs up you get on your content/posts… i like the idea of the way you build up points for good content rather than for joining a group or sending a message. you could reward members at certain karma levels.

    visitors would know which member’s are legit or not visually by the highlighting feature.

    love karma… just wished it worked on activity stream as well… and that it would log members with a certain amount of bad karma for review/moderation.

    also a “top karma members” widget would be a great addition.

  • drmike
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    I’m torn on a “top karma members” widget actually. Would think that it would just encourage comment spamming to run up points.

    We have an install using a hacked version of cubepoints. It actually doesn’t display any totals. Instead it takes the top twenty users, dumps their data into a separate table and grabs like 5 at a time and displays their info as *cough* Brown Nosers.

    For reference, folks may remember that a while back that one of our installs has rewritten the Supporter plugin to call them Ass Kissers. This is that install. They’re a weird bunch.

    edit: The point being is the totals are hidden, folks don;t realize that what they do effects that count and status and offers a bit of randomness instead of seeing the same people each and every time.

  • drmike
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Just realized that two requests that have been made previously weren;t on the list.

    – Rescan of a WPMU install via Anti-Spam.

    – Loading of the Post Indexer (and Comment Indexer although that hasn;t been asked for) into the database for a preexisting WPMU setup.

    Oops, have to do it again. :slight_smile:

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