Developng Social network, need advice

On my site I want it to be a true social network including networking ability, as well as blogs, and information about fish... Ive been making my site and wiping it on a daily basis finding out what works
and what doesn't... and trying to compile features of what is possible that would be nice to have... this is what I have so far

1.) Chatroom, both a private to me(support) and a community(global) chat, if I could get rooms in that room it would rock too...
2.) Forum, both network wide as well as offering site specific to paying members
X 3.) wiki... so I can have a knowledge base of sorts...assuming I can find ppl to help put the info together lol
4.) e commerce 1 store that always has a tab or link throughout the network,
5.) stores to all members that will pay a % that decreases with member lvl... as we talked about.. .if its possible
6.)a slider that actually links what it shows as opposed to just pictures...
7.)gallery of member aquarium photos and a competition (poll or voting) for maybe 1 month free supporter or whatever
X 8.) membership to paying members... if they want it on their sites as well
X 9.) affiliate
10.) a logo that is network wide that will link back to my main site
11.) gaming of some sort a net chess game or something (doubt its possible but trying to find ways to get ppl to hang out there)
X12.) Domain Mapping for premium members

The Xs I think Ive figured out I can do... just probably not the specifics yet

as you can see I want a lot of content to that niche to draw people to me where hopefully the buy
stuff or just from adds on nonpaying members etc help generate revenue. in that list do you see anything that is impossible to do? Also can you think of anything in there that I'm missing that would be a huge draw... you have more experience then I do and I apologize for the length of this but sometimes I'm feeling like I'm a blind man stumbling around... its been like 10 years since I did any real web design so I'm WAY out of date.

Thank you again for any help you can give me.