Did Someone Just Break Upfront's Slider System?!?!

So finally decided to change my personal site to a WP one and Upfront is destroying my chance at getting to sleep tonight. Apparently I am using the latest version of the Spirit theme and I have just wasted almost 2 hours of my life trying to get the slider to look right:

Firstly, there use to be an option to make an image 100% in the slider, what has happened to that?!?!?! My image is sooooo messed up in the system (stretching and self resizing) and there is no way to fix it to make it look right?! I keep on moving the bounding box but that just messes things up?! (never mind the fact that the bounding box has a mind of it's own as to where to end up size wise)

Secondly, for some reason, the "Add Slide" button has been covered up by one of my slides, therefor there is no way to add more to it after I have 2 slides in there, so now I am stuck with 2 slides only and seemingly no way to add any more?!

I haven't updated some of the other sites I have been working on to the latest version and thank GOD because whatever you guys have done to it lately has destroyed my ability to do things in a timely matter, please fix it ASAP!

I have a couple new sites to build in the next few weeks, so if there is a way to get an older version of Slider that works for now, please let me know so that I don't have to spend the next couple of weeks going through this nonsense over and over again...

Take care,

  • Bojan Radonic

    Hey there @Kekeli, hope you're well today!

    Content width and the elements within are limited to the size of the content area. So if you're adding slider element to the content it can't occupy space outside of the content width. However, you can add image slider as a background which will be displayed in full width of the region.

    To do that please click on the edit background button in the top left corner of the region and then on the gear icon, when done you'll be able to select slider in the background type dropdown, see screenshot.

    As for adding slide issue would you mind granting us temporary admin access to your site so we can take a look? You'll find more info on how to do that by following this link:


    Best regards,

  • Kekeli

    Hi @Bojan,

    Thanks for the reply, I am trying to add a slider to the page, not as the background of the site. I guess I somehow got around the issue by setting the exact dimensions of the image so that it would stop setting it's own width/height according to the box.

    As for the adding new slider issue, upon starting out this morning, I was able to add 2 more images and that seems to be it, same issue with my new images covering the 'add slide' button. It also seems like my original 2 images are not showing anymore (just getting the empty box with an image signifier) so not sure if that is why I suddenly have the honour of being able to add (2!) more images. I have granted support access .

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