Did you think of making WPMUdev plugins added as Headway blocks too?

Hi, there!
Headway is moving fast forward, especially with the MarketPlace open, aka Extend right now.
But there are just few extentions of Headway Base that are available and mostly every web designer using Headway needs most of WPMUdev plugins as well - Google maps, Events+, Fundraising, Pay with a Like, and so on, while building websites for clients.
So, WMPUdev team, imagine if your plugins are easy accessible as Headway blocks inside the Visual Editor? This will rock tons of new customers and a new waiting to be filled up market.
If you don't have time to do all your plugins available as Headway blocks, would you consider making a demo video for 1 or 2 plugins how the developers can manage this with a bit of additional coding and then we can do it by ourselves for whatever plugin we need.
What do you think about these ideas?