Difference between "Domain" and "Siteurl" in site settings?

I have my muti-site WordPress set as a sub-domain type. Then I installed the domain mapping plugin. However, I noticed that the sub-domain is sometimes used. Can I change the Siteurl in the site settings to my intended http://custom-domain1.com? I think I have seen that changing the “Domain” is what would mess things up. Can anyone shed light on this please?

  • DavidM
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    Hi Basem,

    I believe the sub-domain would only be used when accessing the site’s back-end, is that what you’re referring to?

    There’s not a way to change that if so. But that wouldn’t affect anything as far as users accessing the site or as far as search engines go.


  • Basem
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    I am ok with sub-domains in the backend only. My problem is that when WordPress sends out emails and provides links to get back to the site, it is using my sub-domain URL. For example, I changed the site’s email address and it said:

    Subject: New Admin Email Address


    Dear user,

    You recently requested to have the administration email address on

    your site changed.

    If this is correct, please click on the following link to change it:


    You can safely ignore and delete this email if you do not want to

    take this action.

    This email has been sent to info@xyz.com


    I am concerned that other system emails have this sub-domain as the root link.

  • Basem
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I updated the “Siteurl” under Network Admin > Sites > MyDomain > Settings. This did the trick for notifications too. By the way, I did NOT change “Domain” under Network Admin > Sites > MyDomain which I know may mess things up. I left that part as the sub-domain. I just hope the “Siteurl” is purely a literal for templates and won’t mess anything up either.

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