Difference between Paypal Chained and Express Checkout

Just want to make sure I understood this correctly.

In the plugin settings, I would like to enabled Paypal Chained Payments for non-supporters and Paypal Express for supporters' site only. Reason being, I want to charge a commission for non-supporters and for supporters, they will pay the supporter fees and no commission charged.

Better still, if it is possible to charge supporter at a lower commission rate than the non-supporters. Is this doable?

  • Timothy Bowers

    Chained Payments - This will let you take a commission. According to my recent conversation with Paypal you can also choose to take on their transaction fees, thus allowing you to advertise a service whereby your client does not pay any fees (Just build the cost into what you take as a fee)

    Express Checkout - The client would not pay any commission to you at all and are totally responsible for their own fees.

    You can't currently charge different fees for chained payments, I'd love to see this as well especially when Supporter has multi-level support!

  • becky

    Tim, thanks for your explanation :slight_smile:

    In order for chained payments to work, I will need to register the app with Paypal right? Any idea how long it will take to approve the app? Do I need a business account or a Premier account will do?

    Paypal ask for screenshots of the app, and i noticed the plugin files contain a few screenshots. Can I use those? And what do I use for the app logo?

  • Timothy Bowers

    Yes, you have to register for chained payments, its not the most straightforward of things either.

    The length of time... Well I've had my app being processed now for just over a week, they requested from us a copy of the passport for photo id of the account owner. Our account is a business one and has been for many years so I'm not sure about Premier. I think the only difference is the multi user access but I could be wrong and it would be best to check with Paypal on that.

    I've seen some users here quote 17+ days before getting granted access to the live api for Paypal.

    Depending on country they may ask for some kind of Business ID, here in the UK there are a few ways to trade, Sole Trader, Partner, non-profit, LTD and PLC not all require you to register with the government agency "Companies House" and unless your business takes approx. £70k you don't need to register for VAT. Anyway, I digress, what I'm trying to say is depending on how your company is set up and what country you are in will depend on what they request from you.

    I would take your own screenshots, they may also wish to test your store with a sandbox api and if they do then presenting different screenshots to your site could raise flags with them thus prolonging the application process. I used a slight variation of the website logo for the API logo.

    Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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