Difference between Pro Sites and Full Membership Plug-ins

I just purchased a license for Pro-Site and found out about your full membership site plug-in. While reading the description, I wonder what ts the difference between the two: Pro-Sites vs Full Membership plug-ins?

Also, a suggestion from those of us who need glasses to read the screen: Light blue on dark blue does not work well on some browsers such as IE9. I had to switch to Chrome to be able to actually see the fields and labels to enter my key. You might consider either adjusting the code for IE9 to properly show the labels and fields or, your CSS to have more prominent contrasting colors between the background and the foreground, particularly fonts. Like this text box works well because it is white on grey or blue. The background is dark enough not to "drown" the font color.

Outside the box . ... hard to see images.

Thank you much for your prompt reply to my question and for taking the suggestion with a grain of salt.

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  • Arun Basil Lal
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    Hey Barbara,

    Welcome to the Community!

    Pro Sites and Membership are two different plugins, here is how:

    Pro Sites is a feature limiting plugin, while Membership is a access limiting plugin. Of course there is a minor over lap with Membership having some feature limiting capabilities as well.

    Pro Sites works on a multisite and Membership (though multisite combatible) works on a site by site basis.

    With Pro Sites you can limit the features of the sites on the multisite network, like the number of posts they can have, the storage space etc. More like having premium upgrade for features.

    Membership is primarily used to create premium content sites. You need to have the content up and ready and use membership to prevent access to the same.

    I hope this makes your understanding better.

    Re: The backgrounds, is that in the WPMU Dev Dashboard plugin? Can you please provide a screenshot?


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