Differences in content between loged in and loged out


I see a strange behavior with one side of my multisides.

Changes in content will only be seen for loged in users.”Startseite2″

If I check the updated side without login (in the normally internet user view), the content is not updated.

Same behavior with the google analytics code.

Loged in –> it is inserted

Loged out –> no Analytics code :slight_frown:

It is different !!

Multiside domain: http://hubermanfred.de/ Support Access is enabled

Error site: http://mmm.hubermanfred.de/

Is linked to: http://pinselpioniere.de/

You can do a test in Page(Seiten): “Startseite2”

What I did:

Empty all Cashes

Empty Cash in Browsers

I have no Idea how to find and fix the problems?

Best regards from Bavarya (Germany)

Manfred :slight_smile: